China has created the 640-ton “Iron Monster” to build huge bridges

China has created the 640-ton "Iron Monster" to build huge bridges

China’s 2013 Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to better connect around 70 countries by both land and sea routes, is not easy to implement. However, China is helped in these efforts by powerful construction machines, among which the SLJ800-32 stands out. With the help of this Iron Monster, as it is called locally, the construction of huge bridges is easier.

How is 640 tons of Iron Monster used to build bridges in China?

The role of the Iron Monster is simple – it lifts, moves and aligns full-length prefabricated track sections at 5km / h with a load, solving the problem of extended on-site assembly time as part of the traditional bridge-building process. However, it does it with such efficiency that it is difficult to ignore it and even save money and human resources.

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Although the loads it is subjected to, the service life is about 4 years, but during this time it will lay 700 to 1000 bridge spans, which is a lot. This 640-tonne Iron Monster, which tests their durability while working on pre-stacked blocks, moves on 64 fully rotating wheels divided into 4 blocks. It is 91.8 meters long and has a lifting capacity of almost 1,000 tons.

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After reaching the site, this colossus requires employees to block its pneumatic apparatus first by the closest and then the farthest (next) pillar of the bridge. After that, it begins to push the next span of the bridge into place, separates from the bridge and voila – the next long segment is now in place. The above video shows the whole process.

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