Instagram and Facebook with money machines? The Meta work on the NFT has started

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Anonymous Instagram story viewer: how to use it and download Instgram posts and stories

If you are still wondering what the NFT is, be sure to read the article explaining the operation and phenomenon behind these non-exchangeable digital tokens. Especially that through the Meta company and its social platforms Instagram and Facebook, NFT may soon become a part of the life of even those who scroll their walls.

Apparently, Meta’s work on the NFT has started and will finally touch Instagram and Facebook

According to a report published in the Financial Times, which has access to its “anonymous sources” familiar with the case, Meta is currently developing ways to create, display and sell NFT on Facebook and Instagram. These are far-reaching activities that will build upon Novi’s digital wallet, and will boil down to ‘bragging’ NFT on platforms and a dedicated marketplace to help buy and sell these digital items.

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Although Meta does not intend to comment on this information, it is definitely interested in NFT technology, which was confirmed by the words of Adam Mosseri, the person responsible for the development of Instagram, who in December said that research on NFT “is ongoing”. No wonder, because nowadays many people associate NFT directly with the metaverse, which is being developed by Meta, i.e. the virtual world, where virtual “certificates of ownership” will feel like fish in water.

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