iRobot Roomba j7 and Genius 3.0 bring cleaning to the next level

iRobot Roomba j7 and Genius 3.0 bring cleaning to the next level

The iRobot company presented Roomba j7 robots and Genius 3.0 technology. Vacuum cleaners will now recognize their surroundings better and will eventually avoid … dog poop.

iRobot Genius 3.0 – the equipment is for the human, not the other way around

The iRobot Genius 3.0 technology can be summed up as adhering to the principle that man is the most important, and the equipment is to help him in his life, not to disturb him. Therefore, the main priorities are:

  • Cleaning when nobody is at home – the mobile application allows you to create boundaries around the house. If we move away a certain distance, the robots will start cleaning.
  • Assisting in creating maps and naming rooms – after automatically creating a map of a house or apartment, the robot will suggest naming rooms and attaching appropriate labels to them.
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  • Estimating cleaning time – the iRobot Home application will tell us how much time robots need to perform the scheduled cleaning and will tell us how much time is left.
  • Quiet driving – when we want to clean a certain room, the robot goes to it, happily growling after taking off from the docking station, sucking up everything on the road. Thanks to the new function, the robot quietly reaches the indicated place and only starts cleaning there.

iRobot Roomba j7 with PrecisionVision navigation is a new level of cleaning

The main novelty in Roomba j7 robots is a higher level of … intelligence? That should be an appropriate term. Based on millions of photos taken by Roomba robots, iRobot created algorithms to recognize obstacles. The robot will identify whether it has a toy, cables, shoes, or even dog poo in front of it. What will the effect be?

If Roomba j7 hits an obstacle in its normal path, it will take a photo of it and send it to the iRobot Home App. We can then decide whether it is a permanent obstacle, e.g. we have put a new pot with a flower in the room or a temporary one. Because, for example, we did not take something from the floor and the next time we clean it, it will not be there anymore. The application also allows to indicate how the robot is to behave in such situations in the future and, for example, to avoid such obstacles prophylactically. With pointing to the aforementioned dog poo, which, as you can see from many movies on the Internet, can create quite a lot of problems. And thanks to the PrecisionVision function, Roomba i7 is able to identify more obstacles and better adapt to our interior.

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iRobot Roomba j7 can adapt to our daily schedule. It can, for example, clean the kitchen after breakfast, the office after finishing work or the whole apartment after leaving for a long time. And if you have a Braava jet m6 mopping robot for it, Roomba will instruct him to mop the floor after cleaning.

Changes have also been made to the Clean Base station, available in the Roomba j7 + model. It is lower, making it easier to hide, for example, under a desk or a cupboard. It is also much more elegant, which goes well with the aluminum inserts on the vacuum cleaner. A good accessory is the bag compartment located in the docking station. It is also worth adding that the bags can be changed up to 60 days and, as the manufacturer declares, it is twice less often than the competition.

The iRobot Roomba j7 was priced at PLN 3,499, and Roomba j7 + at PLN 4,499.

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