Samsung has created a 5G smartphone with a Blockchain private key

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Samsung has created a 5G smartphone with a Blockchain private key. Samsung presents its Galaxy 5G smartphones with Pin, Pattern, Password and Blockchain private key protection via Knox.

The new Samsung Galaxy 5g S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra designed on the old S10 ranges support Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the bitcoin system integrated with cryptographic wallet

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The new Galaxy 5G ranges have been developed to ensure safety and data protection. With the introduction of the Blockchain Keystore, S10 smartphones initially only supported the ERC-20 token, only in August last year was bitcoin and cryptocurrency introduced on the device.

Hack-proof Galaxy S20 5G

The main problem is that users neglect control over a private key and this has become a boon for hacks that steal cryptocurrencies and tokens in the wallets where they are stored. At this point Samsung claims that if BTC and other cryptocurrencies are stored on smartphones, it becomes more difficult to steal them thanks to their private keys because control by external companies is broken down.

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As technology makes it easier to use cryptocurrency, we will see many adoption developments happen over time. For example, Starbucks, a US coffee chain, will be the first launch partner of Bakkt, which plans to launch a customer app for cryptocurrency purchases this year.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G blockchain dApp developments also show promising results in the area of ​​growth towards cryptocurrency. Their wallets can support four decentralized apps. These include CoinDuck, Cosmee, CryptoKitties, and Enjin. DApps can only be used on galaxy range phones that support them from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Samsung has always looked to the future and the Z Flip device is testament to the fact that the great features related to the foldable screen marks a technological revolution in the ever-growing mobile sector.

The combination combined with financial systems such as cryptocurrency sanction the key concepts of accessibility and ease in their use on a large scale.

Samsung provides all mass adoption tools on its smartphones and support with cryptographic and blockchain technological knowledge is significantly expanding the range of customers.

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More and more cryptocurrency investors will be interested in purchasing Samsung mobile phones for the multiple features ranging from excellent camera to crypto wallet.