The latest Chinese underwater drone is a real robotic stingray with military potential

In early September, Chinese scientists practically tested their robotic stingray in the South China Sea. In theory, this is just another unmanned equipment, but this exactly Chinese submersible drone may well perform a military function. Officially, of course, this is not discussed, but in practice, he could collect information while blending in with the local nature.

Like a robo-stingray, i.e. a Chinese underwater drone

The test was first reported by the official state newspaper, Xinhua, even revealing a video of the test where scientists lowered their drone into the water near the Xisha Islands. Its comparison to stingrays is not accidental, because this work of Chinese scientists has reproduced not only their shape, but also the way they flow, and for good reason. The way stingrays swim provides them with high mobility, stability and efficiency, which is why they are even called the best swimming animals in the oceans.

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As the newest Chinese submarine drone, this robo-stingray weighs 477 kilograms and is able to dive to a depth of just over a kilometer. It also has a high range, payload and natural camouflage, which makes it an ideal candidate to spy on other countries. It is about mapping the seabed near enemy sea bases, infiltrating military facilities, or even listening to radio signals.

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Another indication that this Chinese submarine drone will go into military service is that it is the responsibility of the NWPU, a university described by the US as a “Chinese military university”. For good reason, as she is reportedly heavily involved in military research and works closely with the People’s Liberation Army of China.