We know the Galaxy Watch4 chipset. What will drive Samsung’s new smartwatches?

We know the Galaxy Watch4 chipset.  What will drive Samsung's new smartwatches?

According to a new, of course, unofficial report, giving us new information about Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches, we found out what would drive them. Fortunately, the alleged Galaxy Watch4 chipset is not a big secret for us.

Galaxy Watch4 chipset revealed

The Galaxy Watch4 series will consist of the base version and the “Classic” version, and will be officially unveiled on August 11. Recently, Amazon Canada has mistakenly revealed the specs, looks and price of these smartwatches, and now it seems we know practically everything about them as another leak has revealed their chipset to us.

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Smartwatches will be powered by the new chip Exynos W920which is to ensure a significant increase in performance compared to its predecessors. As a reminder, the previous Exynos 9110 was produced in a 10 nm technological process. We do not know yet about the technological process of this latest chipset, but we do know that it boasts on 1.25x faster processing time and 8.8x smoother graphics performance. Finally, it can be combined with 1.5 GB of RAM.

Co wiemy o Galaxy Watch4 Classic i Watch4?

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic with its rotating bezel has been spotted on Amazon Canada in two sizes 42 mm and 46 mm, which were valued at $ 343 (approximately PLN 1,330) and $ 370 (approximately PLN 1,440) respectively. Both sizes will offer an envelope made of stainless steel, but their screen will differ as the size of the smartwatch 42mm will be equipped with a 1.19-inch display, while the larger one will have a diagonal of 1.36 inches.

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A Galaxy Watch4 with an aluminum case will appear in size 40 mm and 44 mm, and its price will be $ 250 (about PLN 970) and $ 280 (about PLN 1090), respectively. Their screen diagonal is the same as in the Galaxy Watch4 Classic (1.19 inch and 1.36 inch).

Both smartwatches will offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS connectivity, and in addition, Amazon also indicates functions such as Body Composition Analysis or monitoring sleep, blood oxygen level and heart rate.

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