What is Huobi Token (HT)? Here is the Crypto Money HT Token in All Details

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. What is Huobi Token (HT)? Here is the Crypto Money HT Token in All Detail In this article, What is Huobi Token (HT)? We will answer the question and provide detailed information about the project.

Huobi Token (HT) Nedir?

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange has recently created its own token, following in the footsteps of its larger rival Binance. As one of the top three cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide (July 2018), it might make a lot of sense for this exchange.

The value of the token depends not only on the performance of the exchange, but also on other factors such as the cryptocurrency supply and internal factors in the Huobi ecosystem. It has been successful so far, but will it make a good long-term investment?

When you consider that the value of HT depends largely on the profit of the exchange that continues to grow with trade volumes, it seems like a good investment whether cryptocurrencies go up or down.

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Stock markets are an area that is not very concerned with the success or failure of any coin. As long as cryptocurrencies remain a traded asset (and I don’t believe they will disappear), cryptocurrency exchanges will continue to see profits.

Huobi Low Trading Fees

Huobi follows a different plan than Binance when it comes to fees. At Binance, as soon as you own BNB tokens, you are eligible for transaction fee discounts. Huobi offers a subscription model that offers a five-tier subscription and lower transaction fees at each tier.

Currently Huobi has a 0.2% fee while for BNB holders the Binance fee is 0.1%. However, with a monthly subscription of 12,000 HT, you qualify for the fifth subscription, which gives you a discounted transaction fee of 0.1% that matches the Binance fee.

Huobi VIP Levels for Trading

Initially Binance may appear to have a better fee structure, but the Binance offer is temporary, and in the fifth year there is no longer a fee discount and Binance fees match those on Huobi.

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While you may claim that 12,000 HT is a lot to be paid for a 50% reduction in transaction fees, if you are talking about small investors, you are right, you should remember that Huobi is targeting its service more for institutional investors. For these large investors, a 0.1% savings in transaction fees could be the equivalent of thousands of dollars per month.

Potential Growth for Huobi Token

The two use cases mentioned above will give investors a good reason to buy and hold the HT token, and should provide a good plus potential for the token on their own. Yet as with any asset, price will ultimately be determined by supply and demand. Looking at an asset like Huobi Token, the three main factors of demand would be:

An emerging market will also help with the airdrop rewards program as it will increase the competition to be listed on HADAX. This increased competition will lead to more rewards for voters, which will encourage more people to buy HT so they can vote for projects and get free tokens.

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