Alphabet is to work on shoes that track our weight

Nowadays, many are crazy about public surveillance and tracking us through social media and spy companies. However, someone would have a problem with shoes that follow the “fitness activities” of the wearer?

It is on them that Verily, the research organization Alphabet Inc., is currently to work on. which is also a conglomerate of Google. At least that’s what the CNBC report says, according to which Verily is currently looking for partners to create true sports shoes for every sports maniac. He tries to encourage others to join his project with his working prototypes.

Of course, the most important reason for the production of such shoes is to take care of our health, but it is not difficult to find in it an attempt to rub the nose of the competition. Currently, the “fitness tracking” market is dominated by Apple Watch, followed by Fitbit watches and those rather not very accurate based on the Google Wear System. The shoes, however, have an advantage over the watch – we wear these all the time, and the traditional, solid timepiece looks much better on the wrist.

Such shoes could, for example, observe a sudden increase in weight, suggesting that the body is holding up water, which in turn could be a symptom of heart failure, and so on. You can exchange it endlessly. Let’s add a few sensors (accelerometer, GPS module) and in conjunction with the smartphone application, we will be able to, for example, make an emergency call to loved ones after a serious fall, or track your running successes.

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Source: Digitaltrends