Cooler Master Mastercase Pro case test 3

Cooler Master Mastercase Pro case test 3

Another case from Cooler Master is an affordable design that can accommodate a maximum of micro ATX boards. It’s called Mastercase Pro 3 and I’m very curious how it will turn out in the tests.

I received the housing in a black box. With it we get the manual, cable ties, screws, 3-pin Molex adapters and screws. Adapters allow you to connect the fans to the power supply. The manual illustrates the assembly of components – it is quite simple. The warranty is 24 months.

Mastercase Pro 3 measures 467 mm x 235 mm x 505 mm and weighs 9.1 kg. It will fit motherboards in micro ATX and mini ITX formats. The housing is available only in the tested version.

The Cooler Master product looks very good. It is elegant, has no backlight and therefore should appeal to people who like aesthetics. There is one place on the front for a 5.25-inch disk – it can be a panel or a drive. There is a pull-out grille below that has an anti-shrink filter. It is a pity, however, that it is not denser and mounted separately. At the front, the Cooler Master has placed one 140mm fan with a speed of 1200 RPM. It is audible during operation, but provides good airflow. Additionally, another 140 mm fan can be installed there.

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There is an input / output panel on the cut between the top and front. There are two USB 3.0 connectors, a microphone input and a headphone output. Also here are LEDs and buttons. There is a handle on the top for easy carrying. Next is the flap that you just need to push on the back of the Mastercase Pro 3 to take it off. Below it there is a dust filter – the same as on the front and space for two 120/140 mm fans.

The right side is fastened with two quick-release screws. This is a much more convenient solution than four. Unfortunately, the window used is acrylic and not tempered glass. The bottom of the window is tinted so that you cannot see the power supply and drives. However, you can easily disassemble it and thus show the entire computer. The left side is a regular metal sheet mounted with two quick-release screws.

Mastercase Pro 3 actually stands on two legs, each with two rubber linings. Thanks to this, it does not slide on the panels. There is a dust filter under the power supply, which can be easily removed.

The back is completely standard. At the bottom we place the power supply, above there are 5 PCI plugs, which are fastened with quick-release screws, and at the very top the manufacturer has placed a 140 mm fan, exactly the same as on the front.

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The interior was theoretically divided into two parts. I am writing theoretically, because the metal sheet can be removed and there are no side plugs. The plate has a place for two 2.5-inch disks, a rubberized hole for cables and a cutout for the radiator. There is a large hole in the place where the motherboard is installed. On the right side you can see a strange vertical metal plate with holes. It is used to mount the disc cage. You can move it upstairs from the basement or buy more and place it there. The cable management system is very good. There is a hole for the CPU cable, there are rubberized holes, and you can generally arrange the cables exactly the way you want. There is about 15mm on the back for cables and there are cable ties so there shouldn’t be any problems. In Mastercase Pro 3 you can fit a 370 mm long graphics card or 258 mm if you change the position of the disk basket. The height of the CPU cooler is 190 mm, so there should be no problems with any designs.

In the basement, you can fit a power supply with a length of up to 200 mm. It is placed on anti-vibration feet. Next is a basket for two 2.5 ” or 3.5 ” drives. As I mentioned, you can freely move it in the housing. 3.5-inch drives are mounted without tools.

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Mastercase Pro 3 is quite liquid-cooling friendly. In the front you can fit a 120/140/240/280 mm radiator (40 mm thick without fans), on the top 120/140 also in the previous thickness, or 240/280 mm, 55 mm thick with fans, and on the back 120/140 mm. There should also be no problems with accommodating a pump or reservoir.

Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 3 costs about PLN 220. In my opinion, this is a really great mATX case for the price. It has room for large components, the cable management system is great, has two included fans, and you can combine and change a lot inside it. It is also worth mentioning the elegant appearance and good workmanship. Its downsides are the dust filters on the top and the front – they could be better, as is the bottom, and the acrylic window instead of the tempered glass. However, at this price you will not find a better case for micro ATX boards, so I definitely recommend buying it – you will not be disappointed.

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