A series of presentations and announcements of Intel processors

Since the premiere of the first Ryzen chips, the fight on the processor market has taken a juicy blush and it does not look like it will end soon. Both Intel and AMD are not resting on their laurels and are constantly expanding their offer with new products. But it looks like the coming days will be marked “heavenly”Because they announced and presented many new processors.

For starters, we’ll take a look at the layouts that are already hitting the shelves. I am talking about virtually all families, from the budget ones to the Core i7. Due to the multitude of information and details, the specification of individual processors can be found in the tables below. By far the most interesting ones are the Core i5-8600 and i5-8500, which are supposed to fill the gap between the Core i5-8400 and the Core i5-8600K. Their price will reach ~ 660 PLN and ~ 730 PLN respectively. In turn, the Core i3 will receive the i3-8300 model priced at ~ PLN 470, and the budget series of Celerons and Pentiums a number of systems for the price from 140 to 300 PLN. The energy-saving versions of Core i3, i5 and i7 will also enter the market (tables 1 and 3).

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The segment of new chipsets for Coffee Lake processors is also interesting. Until now, we had the option of choosing only the most expensive motherboard from the Z370, but soon their availability will expand to the H370, H310, Q370 and B360, the specifications of which can also be found in the table below.

Coffee Lake-U

Intel also revealed four processors for the Coffee Lake-U series mobile computers. These, however, will include Iris Plus graphics chips with their own 128 MB eDRAM memory, i.e. the static L4 deck. Due to this, their price will be close to the premium market, but we still have to wait for the debut date.

Mobilny Core i9!

But it is not everything! The company even tried to provide a short preview of the mobile and incredibly efficient Core i9. This one will be based on the 14nm ++ process and Coffee Lake architecture, and its capabilities will be determined by 6 physical cores with support for Hyper Threading technology and 12 MB of shared L3 memory. More information and details will reach us soon. The most interesting thing is that we received another announcement at the last minute.

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Core i5+ i Core i7+

I am talking about the Core i5 + and Core i7 + processors, which are to be found in – colloquially speaking – “in folders“. The producers responsible for them will also be required to add an Intel Optane SSD to the set, and maybe even a buffer in the form of Optane 800p. So it looks like AMD will have quite a nut to crack. All because the mobile market was supposed to be the key to their success in 2018 … which Intel is carefully trying to hide.

Source: TechPowerUp, Wccftech