Google ready to pay for quality news. The indiscretions that lead to novelty

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Quality journalism, the one capable of offering news of a certain level. This would have Google in the near future and, according to the indiscretions of The Wall Street Journal, the Mountain View company is undertaking some discussions with the most important publishers, especially European, to bring the new news service to the most demanding users. The company with a capital G would like to do some "quality journalism" and to do so it would be willing to pay in exchange for content of a certain thickness to be offered to its users perhaps even through a subscription.

Google against "disinformation"

The WSJ rumors did nothing but direct the Google's willingness to monetize content editorials allowing to raise the level of the same under payment. And the company seems to be already negotiating the economic conditions with some publishers so that the arrival of a new content service produced by third-party publishers can be agreed.

Google denies everything but explains how its will is to allow users to "read quality journalistic content so that we can achieve conscious democracy by making the sector sustainable. This is a topic that we have very much at heart and we are discussing with our partners, looking for new solutions to expand our existing relationships with publishers, basing ourselves on on initiatives like Google News ".

Some even think of a new one Google News "Plus" with free content anyway. Others believe in a paid version of the service. In fact, what could actually be worth the change is the underlying Google payment to publishers for a higher approach to journalistic content. A novelty that in some way could represent a turning point in the production of content for which Google had never put his hand to the wallet as a real compensation.

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