new 32GB DDR4 memories with ultra low latency

new 32GB DDR4 memories with ultra low latency

These new kits that G.SKILL has presented have several peculiarities and similarities that other kits do not share and that it is really unusual to see them in the same presentation. And, although in principle the data does not surprise per se, we must look closely at the specific detail that we are talking about high capacity modules.

G.SKILL DDR4 32 GB with ultra low latency

Therefore, what was presented by the brand emphasizes the fact that we are facing 32 GB unit modules that as a whole give life to a new series of kits with really amazing performance. And is that G. SKILL have achieved a speed of DDR4-3200 MHz with impressive latencies of 14-18-18-38 that will be introduced in three different series of memories: Trident Z RGB, Trident Z Royal and Trident Z Neo.

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The capacities and kits available will be 256 GB (32 GB x 8), 128 GB (32 GB x 4) and 64 GB (32 GB x 2), where, as we can see, neither mainstream platforms nor HEDTs are neglected. In fact, the brand has tested its new modules on both platforms, showing only the Intel and AMD HEDTs.

Thus, and under Intel’s X299 platform, they collected a Core i9-10900X processor with a motherboard ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME ENCORE, after which they placed the 256 GB kit in configuration of 8 x 32 GB, thereby bringing the BMI to its limit.

Even so, it happened RunMemtest Pro 4.1 with + 500% without any error, which is notorious in the case of such amount of RAM occupied in the 8 available slots.

AMD HEDT platform is not far behind


A couple of years ago this would sound almost like science fiction, but the reality is that AMD has greatly improved its BMI, to the point of being up to Intel. Good proof of this are the same tests to which the same RAM modules were subjected, except that on this occasion the Ne.G.KILL series was used under the same 256 GB of memory and latencies.

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The processor used was a AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X using a motherboard ASUS ROG ZENITH II EXTREME.

The result of the tests shows that the AMD platform achieved the same stability, but with better timmings, since, for example, the TRC was 74 and the CR dropped to 1, which is a quite palpable difference to the same RAM modules.

G.SKILL states that its kits will be compatible with Intel XMP 2.0 and that they will be available through worldwide distribution partners during the first quarter of 2020. Instead, it has not offered prices for any of the named kits, so We will have to wait to meet them already in the stores.

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