Got a Wear OS smartwatch? You are now ready to use the Samsung Internet browser

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The Samsung Internet browser is no longer available only to owners of the galaxy Watch 4. Samsung has decided to extend its availability also to Wear OS smartwatches from other manufacturers.

Samsung Internet for everyone

Samsung’s proprietary browser makes it easier to open websites on smartwatches. Of course, these are not devices that were created for this purpose, but the Korean application definitely facilitates access to the Internet from the level of the watch. Do not expect a particularly extensive browser, because Samsung Internet gives you access to really basic functions, but sufficient for using on such a small screen.

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Until now, only owners of Galaxy Watch 4 could use it. Fortunately, Samsung decided to extend the availability of the browser not only to its other smartwatches, but to all Wear OS watches. Yes, also those from other manufacturers. Thanks to the entries on Reddit, we learn that Samsung Internet works not only on Wear OS 3, but even on Oppo Watch with system version 2. Which means that the application can also be used by owners of older devices.

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