Komodo coins KMD – How Does it Work? (Easy To Understand)

Komodo coins KMD - How Does it Works (Easy To Understand)

Komodo coins KMD – Komodo is a cryptocurrency that has managed to competently combine the advantages of BTC and ZEC. The dPoW (delayed proof-of-work) principle used allows you to confirm transaction blocks using the Bitcoin blockchain.

Another distinctive feature of Komodo is anonymity, achieved through the use of a proof algorithm with zero disclosure.

Digital coin history

Komodo appeared on November 11, 2016. The author of the coin is the user jl777, well-known in the crypto community. Personal data protection is the main task of the coin. The goal of Komodo is the formation of new standards of anonymity and the protection of cryptocurrency.

Komodo combines Bitcoin security and Zcash anonymity. Thanks to these features, the project has been successfully launched.

SuperNET is one of Komodo’s partners. Due to this, the system has successfully improved, namely:

  • Increased anonymity.
  • There was an improvement in the quality of playing asstejinov.
  • The infrastructure has improved, additional sections have been formed.

When the above parameters were achieved, the cryptographic coin was developed in technical terms. From time to time, an increase in the speed of transactions is carried out, the stability of the functioning of the system is increased, and opportunities are increased when using money.

Technical features of Komodo

Technical features of Komodo

Equihash is an algorithm used as the foundation for a cryptomonet being manufactured. Increased security is guaranteed thanks to the processing of data by notaries.

The new principle of consent dPOW is applied, just at the base of the system notary nodes or nodes are involved. This is an installation associated with other equipment at the expense of the network. The basic purpose of notarial nodes that have an external IP address is the transfer and distribution of data.

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Positive aspects of Komodo:

  • Work with the SuperNet system.
  • Reliability and safety.
  • Improved Zcash code.
  • Performance. Since the project is new and unloaded, all transactions are carried out quickly.
  • Versatility. You can work with digital coins on PCs, mobile gadgets.
  • Atomic swaps.

The cryptocurrency in question is considered a fork of the Zcash digital coin. Therefore, it is positively perceived by the crypto community.

KMD cost

Komodo cryptocurrency first appeared on the exchanges February 6, 2016. At that time, the cost of 1 coin was 0.115808 cents. The price gradually increased throughout the year, but significant progress was recorded in June 2017. For 1 coin on the stock exchange they gave 2.40 dollars. In the autumn of the same year, there was a decline in value – $ 1.40 for 1 coin.

KMD cost or komodo charts

The historical maximum value of the digital currency reached at the end of the winter of 2017 – 12.89 dollars per 1 KMD.

On May 18, 2018, 1 KMD equals $ 3.09.

Mining cryptocurrency

The extraction of the Komodo digital coin takes place according to the basic scheme. The greater the number of powerful graphics cards present on the farm, the more coins you will get.

KMD cryptocurrency generation on ASIC devices is available.

Miningpools.cloud is a stable Komodo mining service.

 Komodo mining service

Komodo wallet

To open, go to the portal https://komodoplatform.com/komodo-wallets , then download the official client on the PC.

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There are three different wallet for OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux.

Komodo wallet

At the interface of each client, there is the Russian language. Opening a wallet is a simple process, installation is similar to installing other software for a computer.

Once the installation is complete, you can proceed to registration.

Functional wallet Komodo:

  • Transfer of cryptocurrency to the account.
  • Cryptocurrency storage for an unlimited time.
  • Enrollment tokens.

A bonus is provided for the wallet. The essence of the promotion is that if the user makes a transfer once a year, he receives up to 5% per annum to the balance. The bonus comes after the transfer of digital currency to a new account.

Ways to get KMD

If you do not get a coin, you can purchase Komodo:

  • Some exchangers have the opportunity to exchange analogs of fiat funds and Bitcoin for Komodo. You cannot play on the course here because the system indicates the price you are willing to spend on buying or selling currencies. You can consider such exchangers as: 100Monet, BTCbank, Bicochek, etc.
  • Certain exchanges provide an opportunity to trade on their platforms.
  • Get through participation in the crane.

Buy KMD is quite simple. Cryptocurrency is available on the trading platforms:

Komodo Markets Capitalization

On the Binance exchange for 1 coin Komodo asked for 2.88 dollars. On 05/16/2018 the turnover on this site is 37.11%. Cryptopia and HitBTC also offer the opportunity to make a deal with a pair of KMD / BTC.

Plans and forecast

The KMD company management offered the public a couple of solutions aimed at the decentralization of the coin:

  • Komodo swap based exchanger.
  • BarterDEX Mixer.
  • Jumblr (network storage).
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In addition, the company announced the creation of a multi-currency wallet, which will significantly simplify the work of miners. Coin developers aim to delve into improving the anonymity of operations and improving the network security system.

Monaize (a startup with which KMD developers collaborate) is a decentralized electronic banking platform for freelancers, a business (small and medium), implementing the first decentralized ICO (dICO) on the Komodo BarterDEX blockchain code.

As a result of this long-term plan, for users working with coins, especially for those who make money on a course, the forecasts are very bright.

Since users are optimistic about Komodo, long-term investments in this project are considered relevant. The ideas of the coin developers inspire confidence, naturally this will have a positive effect on the cost of cryptocurrency.

Today, Komodo is considered an undervalued investment asset, but when performing stated tasks by the creators of a currency, KMD can become more expensive in value, even if you do not take into account the low market capitalization and the insignificant amplitude of price fluctuations.

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