new box with base plate rotated 90 degrees

new box with base plate rotated 90 degrees

The Alta F1 box is not a small model, precisely. Its external dimensions are 555 (H) x 220 (W) x 462 (D) mm. And even then, it will only support motherboards in ATX format. This is because the manufacturer has decided to leave enough space at the bottom and top of the box, so that their fans breathe easily. To evacuate all the hot air that is generated inside.

The first nod SilverStone has made to his old Fortress boxes, we can find in the situation of the power supply. This is placed in an upright position, at the back of Alta F1. The source takes air from the outside through the black mesh that we can see in the previous photo. This will prevent it from also absorbing dust from the floor of our room.

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his frontal It is completely closed by an aluminum plate. On its right side we can see the I / O of the box, with two USB A ports, one USB C and a headphone jack.

The SilverStone Alta F1 allows 180 mm fans

As we have already commented, the fans of the new Alta F1 would be located in the lower and upper part of the box. With the intention of creating a «Chimney effect», as for the hot air will be pushed, from the floor of the box, to the roof of the box.

As you can see in the previous photo, at the bottom and top of it, there are guides where to install the fans of the box. SilverStone ensures that they can be mounted fans up to 180 mm inside: three on the floor and three on the roof.

On the roof of the box we can install a radiator up to 360 mm. But considering that we must carefully choose the thickness of this and its fans. Because they could conflict with the connectors that come out of the motherboard and the expansion cards that we have installed on the computer.

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Regarding the expansion cards, as you can see, the SilverStone Alta F1 will allow the installation of a graphics card in vertical position. Although, for this, we must buy our own laugh PCIe x16 card.

SilverStone has not yet decided on the setting definitive of the box. On the one hand, they hesitate to include the RGB LEDs that you can see in the images of this prototype of the box. In which case, if we add the 180 mm fans, your price It could easily reach 200 euros. If you decide to sell it without LED and without fans, its price could be 150 euros.

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