New GeForce mobile cards at the end of this year


While we have leaks about the upcoming GeForce GTX 1180 card, there are similar disputes about the mobile market in many forums. Interestingly, one of them showed us the release date of new mobile models and confirmed the rumors so far.

The source of this information is the main representative of the Gigabyte laptop segment in Great Britain, hiding under the pseudonym Atom80. It was he who answered the user’s question on the OverclockersUK forum. It concerned the implementation of the GTX 1080 in the Aero 15X V8-CF1, to which Atom80 replied that the company did not plan to upgrade the current notebook series in this regard until the launch of the new generation of Nvidia graphics cards. Thus, he revealed that mobile variants of the Volta / Turing cores will appear at the end of this year.

As it is these 5-6 months that usually separate the premiere of desktop systems from mobile ones, we have again obtained confirmation of the latest leaks. Let me remind you that according to them, the new Nvidia GPU will debut this summer. Of course, we cannot completely trust even such a high-ranking employee, but he confirmed the information collected by the industries for several months. Traditionally, to 100% certainty, we have to be patient and wait for official news straight from Nvidia.

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