Samsung Galaxy A series will also get extended support?

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus unboxing 20...
Samsung Galaxy S10 plus unboxing 2022

Last year, Samsung extended support for its devices by offering as many as 4 years of security updates. During the premiere of the Galaxy S22, we learned about further changes in the update policy, which may also apply to the Galaxy A series.

5 years of update for Samsung Galaxy A?

On February 9, during the Unpacked 2022 event, we learned that this year’s flagships, as well as those released in 2021, will receive 4 major system updates and as much as 5 years of security support. The remaining devices remain with the old rules – 3 system updates and 4 years of support. This also applies to the popular Galaxy A series. However, the latest information tells us something completely different and, importantly, does not come from the leak, but from Samsung’s Dutch website.

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There is a list of devices eligible for the new update policy. There are the Galaxy S22 series, galaxy Tab S8, last year’s collections and the Galaxy S21 including the FE variant. The most interesting, however, is the mention of the Galaxy A series, and more specifically about selected upcoming models from this family. If we are not dealing with a mistake, it would mean that Samsung will offer record-long support to mid-range models. It is possible that it is about the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73, which are to enter the market soon.

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Considering the popularity of this series, this approach is not surprising. Already, the Galaxy A series (especially A5x) is one of the most-bought, and extending the support would certainly increase sales.