The Cyberpunk 2077 trailer will be filled with brutality

After the information, according to which CD Projekt Red will appear at this year’s E3 fair, it boiled. It seems that this is when the new trailer will be released (or maybe even a playable demo?) of Cyberpunk 2077, for which practically the entire gaming world is waiting.

Despite the fact that the first trailer of the biggest project of the Polish studio appeared six years ago, this one still remains a mystery to everyone. Although some time ago I informed you about the planned technologies and the unprecedented attention to detail of developers, the issue of their implementation is still unknown. However, all doubts will surely be dispelled by the trailer for E3, about which Mike Pondsmith himself spoke. For the uninitiated, he is the creator of the Cyberpunk universe, who is involved in working on its Polish variation.

In an interview with Vodafone, he spoke about the future of technology about the CD Projekt Red studio. It was then that he raised the issue of the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and revealed that this it will be really brutal, and people oppressed under the rule of tyrants will fight with the law enforcement services using modern technology. We are to see the first manifestations of this in the upcoming trailer, where “death will be the order of the day. In addition, he praised Polish developers for their passion and attention to detail, which seems to contradict reports of unfavorable work in the studio.

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