The GeForce GTX 1180 card has appeared in the database

The GeForce GTX 1180 card has appeared in the database

Remember the leaks about the newest Nvidia cards where not two completely different sources argued with each other, leaving us confused? What I mean here is mainly the naming and appearance of both RTX 2000 and GTX / RTX 1100 cards. Back then, we just thought that Nvidia would bet on either one or the other … but why wouldn’t the company go both ways? Of course, we rely only on unofficial information, so below this is only speculation, but still quite interesting.

The appearance of the GeForce GTX 1180 in the GFXBench database actually points to some valuable information. The most important thing is that Nvidia will actually prepare two card families based on the Turing architecture – one using RTX blessings, and the other without them. In addition, it also contradicts the GTX 1100 series with cores powered by the refreshed Pascal architecture. And all this is due to the fact that the alleged GTX 1180 is recognized by the program as RTX 2080, which could have been caused by the presence of the same core – TU104. However, comparing the performance of these cards leaves a certain distaste:

Their performance is practically identical, which in turn may be caused by either non-deactivated RT / Turing cores, or something as trivial as a joke (mistake) on the part of the tester who described his entry in the database with an incorrect title. Anyway, the vision of cards without the latest Nvidia cores in the company of a much lower price would be definitely interesting.

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Source: Videocardz