The great repainting of American army vehicles continues

The great repainting of American army vehicles continues

The US Army brought a lot of equipment to Europe that provided camouflage on sandy terrain with its colors. Due to the growing threat from Russia, technicians began work a few years ago to repaint all their ground combat vehicles in a shade of forest green.

Repainting American army vehicles is designed to significantly improve their camouflage

Recently, tanks, armored vehicles and transporters of the US Army have started to appear in Europe in an unusual, not desert, but more forest camouflage. All thanks to the painters who have been working on these vehicles for years, repainting them in olive green, with the help of a small team from the Logistics Readiness Center in Benelux. The local manager, Giancarlo Giardina, told about his work, who revealed that he and two auto paint and bodywork specialists are tasked with painting more than 150 vehicles and equipment for the 405th Army Field Support Battalion in the Benelux.

It is not an easy task, because painting one Humvee and a set of trailers takes about three days, of which two days include preparation (protection of sensitive elements, degreasing of sheets), and one painting. To ensure the maximum speed of this process, LRC Benelux built a second paint zone and additionally purchased a filtration system, as well as top-class respirators and other personal protective equipment to ensure the safety and protection of the paint crew.

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