The new Nokia 8810 with the release date

The new Nokia 8810 with the release date

Nokia 8810 is one of the most famous designs from this manufacturer. Now a new version is to be sold, its color and design resembling a banana.

The new phone will support the 4G network, so you will be able to easily browse the internet, download programs or visit social media. It will also be equipped with a 2MP camera – it may not be a great option but it is certainly a nice addition. The phone is supposed to last up to 24 days on the battery and of course have Snake. The phone remake has its charm, it looks a bit funny, but is generally classy.

Nokia 8810 will premiere on August 15. Its price will be 69.99 pounds, or about 340 zlotys. The price seems to be a bit too high for such a design, but Nokia will be based on sentiments. Are you interested in such constructions or do you know someone who might be of interest to it? Let me know in the comments.

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