The opened Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold was used to build … a miniature Shanghai

Nowadays a smartphone is not only used for conversations. It replaces a camera, credit card or even a computer. But we all know this application very well. However, one artist found another and from the spinning Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold he made … a miniature work of art.

There is a lot of talk about recycling. It has become very important to transform one thing into another, to recycle the parts and raw materials used in production. However, used equipment can also be used in a completely different, more creative way. What Xiaomi presented to us in the video posted on Weibo.

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We can see the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold smartphone disassembled into parts, which were then created … miniature Shanghai, or rather one of its districts – Pudong. So we can see the famous bridge, the Shanghai Oriental Pear TV tower. The model was built from almost a thousand parts of a mobile phone. But that’s not all, because these elements have been placed in a small globe, also made of parts of the Mi Mix Fold and closed in the phone.

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This is not the first time that Xiaomi presents us with art from the components of its phones. Last year, the Xiaomi Mi 11 was dismantled, transforming it into a small, detailed dragon.

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