There are still a few months to the premiere, and the Pixel 7 prototype has already appeared on eBay

There are still a few months to the premiere, and the Pixel 7 prototype has already appeared on eBay

We would like to point out right away that it is not a full-fledged product, but a prototype of the Pixel 7 smartphone, although this is still quite a big slip-up, because thanks to this we can take a close look at the design of the device.

The Pixel 7 prototype fell into the wrong hands and landed on an online auction

Well, this is not the first time that a tester is clearly not very familiar with how similar equipment should be handled. Earlier, we got to know the details of Pixel Watch, because someone forgot it in a restaurant, and now Pixel 7 is revealing its secrets to us thanks to its appearance on eBay. Of course, the auction has already been closed, but it is worth noting that the same seller also posted the prototype on Facebook in the Marketplace section.

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It is difficult to say whether the person who exhibited this device (or devices) was actually one of the testers, or whether he or she obtained this model in a different way. Anyway, thanks to this, we have an insight into the appearance of the upcoming Pixel. Google gave us some photos of it at the beginning of the month, but without a shot on the display.

The one visible in the photos from the auction has a flat display as well as the Pixel 6. The selfie camera has been placed in a round hole. The camera island is still rectangular and the lenses are placed in the shape of a pill. The power and volume buttons are on the left, and the SIM card slot is on the left. There will also be no headphone jack on board. If you look closely, the photos do not show the Google logo, but this is no wonder, because the prototype logo, the same one that appeared in the photos with the Pixel 6 prototype, was placed on the backs.

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