Google announced the Pixel 7 series, Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet. When is the premiere?

Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet: Googl... x
Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet: Google completes its ecosystem with its first watch and its new tablet

During the I / O conference, Google had a lot of news to announce. Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro were officially presented, but even more important was the announcement of the autumn premiere of the Pixel 7 series, along with which the Pixel Watch will debut. Pixel Tablet also appeared.

Google has opened the veil of secrecy when it comes to the aforementioned devices, additionally presenting us with their appearance, thanks to which, at least in this matter, we no longer have to rely on unverified sources.

Let’s start with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones

Here the leaks have been confirmed, the characteristic island from Pixel 6 has also appeared in the next generation of smartphones, although it has undergone some improvements. The island where the cameras are located still differs from the rest of the device, but it is made of polished aluminum, overlapping the sides of the smartphone on both sides, making the whole look more consistent. In the case of the Pixel 7, there will be two cameras on the back, while the Pro model will have three lenses. In addition, it was only revealed that the next generation of SoC Google Tensor will drive them.

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Pixel Watch, the first Google smartwatch

Along with smartphones, a smartwatch is to enter the market, the first such device (developed from scratch) in the company’s offer. As the leaks revealed – the watch has a round display with rounded sides and silicone straps. It will also provide integration with Fitbit, so you will be able to track activity in the zone, progress statistics or set personal fitness goals. Continuous sleep and heart rate tracking will appear. The smartwatch is to run on Wear OS.

Pixel Tablet – it’s just a novelty

While we have already seen a lot about previous devices from unofficial sources, the tablet is actually a surprise. It will not be introduced in the fall, but only next year, but we can already look at its appearance now. As Google points out, it will be powered by the Tensor system and has been “designed to be the perfect companion for the Pixel phone.” the frame of the device, for a tablet, is quite slim. There will be a selfie and video calling camera on the front, and a single lens on the back. Of course, the specification was not disclosed.

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