When buying Galaxy Buds Plus, we will immediately get something to listen to

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We buy headphones to be able to talk through them and listen to music. Therefore, as part of the new promotion, Samsung provides access to Tidal premium with the purchase of Galaxy Buds Plus.

Galaxy Buds Plus in a set with Tidal

Samsung likes to offer us promotions from time to time. And that’s a reduced price, and that’s a return or a nice free. This time it is a free gift that can encourage us to buy Galaxy Buds Plus headphones. In the promotion, we can get six months of free access to the Tidal Premium service. Not only will we have something to listen to, but we will still have almost PLN 120 in our pocket.

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The promotion, however, is temporary (the number of codes is also limited, so you’d better hurry up) and lasts until October 17th. To use it, you need to buy headphones from one of Samsung’s partners, and then fill out the form and attach the proof of purchase of the device. We have the deadline for registration until October 26. If everything is done correctly, a code for free access to Tidal Premium will be sent to our e-mail address within 21 days.

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