$ 1.4 billion on IBCS. A new command system in production as early as 2023

$ 1.4 billion on IBCS.  A new command system in production as early as 2023

Northrop Gumman has received a contract from the US Army for the initial and then full production of IBCS (Integrated Battle Command System). Its height is as much as 1.4 billion dollars, which, however, is not surprising considering that there is an advanced new command system at stake.

IBCS production will finally start. This new command system will even fall into the hands of Poland

IBCS, the translated Army’s Integrated Combat Command System, will connect sensors and shooters across the battlefield. It was released for production in January 2021 after a successful limited test, but is currently still in the initial operational testing and evaluation phase, expected to end in early 2022. The expected completion date of the contract is December 22, 2026, and as it is known from the contract, Northrop will deliver up to 160 systems for the army and foreign partners.

In itself, this program, which was delayed four years and cost the US military around $ 2.7 billion, is important not only for the United States but also for Poland. We are the first international customer to sign a contract to purchase an IBCS system for Patriot batteries.

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Initially, the IBCS command system was intended to serve only as a command and control system for the future integrated military air and missile defense system against regional ballistic missile threats. However, the services have since expanded its role to link together a wide range of sensors and missile systems capable of dealing with other complex threats.