A remote-controlled Origibot2 robot found its way to Indiegogo

Zdalnie sterowany robot Origibot2 trafił na Indiegogo

Let the first robotic limb be thrown by those who would not like to make their own home robot exclusively. Exactly. And as the holidays are fast approaching, maybe you will be interested in Origibot2, which you will get on Indiegogo?

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit, because these campaigns do not always come to fruition even after collecting a certain amount, and you will have to wait until March for a possible delivery, but hey! Telling your loved ones that you bought a remote-controlled robot for the holidays … but the Easter ones should make up for it, right? Especially since Origibot2 is not only remotely controlled, but also equipped with a frame and a gripper. So it compensates to some extent for his handicap in terms of what we imagine after hearing the slogan “robot”. However, if we put it on, the included tablet (enabling remote control via a web application from any location) will be a great new family member.

Unfortunately, its functionality is not very great, because the user can and is able to control the two-piece arm, gripper and the wheels themselves, but it is limited only to carrying objects, opening doors or performing simple activities, such as switching on simple devices. Unless such an activity requires taking into account the lifting capacity of more than one kilogram. Then the frame made of carbon fiber and plastic simply will not handle it. However, it will be available on a single charge for 8 hours. The price of Origibot 2 can be scary, because the retail price is $ 999.

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Source: Indiegogo

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