Solix went out into the fields. This is an agricultural crop monitoring robot

Canadian agrotechnical company Solinftec has developed a special agricultural robot called Solix, which is designed to free farmers from the requirement to use mass spraying to protect their crops and control weeds. He will do it in a simple way – by controlling the plants with great care.

The Solix is ​​a crop monitoring robot with the potential to increase field yields and free farmers from massive spraying

The agricultural Solix robot will autonomously move on four wheels across farmers’ fields and monitor the crops. It will use built-in cameras and other sensors (along with an artificial intelligence system) to check the health of plants, and will look for weeds and signs of insect damage. Using this data, it will also monitor the condition of the entire ecosystem of the field.

When searching for a problem, it will show the farmer its location in the field and suggest a solution to the problem. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to reduce both the workload and the budget and the massive treatment of crops, e.g. with increased amount of water or pesticides. In addition, continuous careful monitoring of crops can lead to an increase in yields.

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The technical specification of Solix has not yet been announced due to its development phase, but we can see, for example, that it supplements energy with its solar panels. Now this robot is to be put into practice at Stone Farms in Davidson, Saskatchewan in collaboration with the university. If they are successful, Solix should finally hit the market before the 2022 harvest.