Prices for 9700K processors from Intel leaked to the network

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New processors from Intel should hit the market soon. The latest leak shows what prices we can expect from them.

The leak comes from the DirectDial store, which usually has them higher than the competition. For example, 8700K costs 515 CAD (1450 PLN) there, while in most Canadian stores its price is 479 CAD (1355 PLN). In DirectDial, the 9700K price was set at CAD 533 (PLN 1,510) and the price for 9600K was CAD 363 (PLN 1,030). So it can be concluded that the price of the more powerful version will be set at 30% greater than 8700K. Considering the potential in OC as well as the performance itself, it may turn out that the 9700K will be quite a profitable construction.

We still have to wait for more price leaks to confirm these reports. I wonder if Intel will actually keep these prices, or whether it will try to raise them even before the premiere.

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