Another ecological Samsung chips. The Green Chip portfolio grows

Thanks to the cooperation with Carbon Trust and UL, Samsung has just boasted of success in its ecological plot. New certificates, extending the company’s Green Chip portfolio, have been granted to both mass storage systems and LED diodes for automotive applications.

Recent certifications have expanded Samsung’s Green Chip portfolio

The Carbon Trust is an independent organization that advises companies around the world on their quest to reduce emissions and be more environmentally friendly. In addition, it verifies and – as you can see – grants certification. An example of this is the five mass memory products, which include the HBM2E (8 GB), GDDR6 (8 GB) and UFS 3.1 (512 GB) chips, as well as the T7 portable SSD (1 TB) and the microSD EVO Select memory card (128 GB) . A year ago, these were certified “CO2 Measured”, and recently “Reducing CO2”.

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As a reminder, this first “measured CO₂ label” is the first critical step in reducing your carbon footprint. It verifies the current carbon dioxide emissions in a complex process (this even applies to transport, used water, energy and gas, or the production of raw materials). The accumulated results can then be used as a benchmark for measuring future carbon emissions reductions.

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According to Samsung’s estimates, these “green devices” have saved the atmosphere from an additional 680,000 metric tons of CO2 since they were introduced to the market in July 2021. This in turn is expected to match the greenhouse gas emissions of 149,000 cars driven all year round. Four additional C-series LED Automotive 3W C series packages produced by Samsung, which received UL carbon footprint verification in accordance with ISO 14064-3, also added their own.