How to download Whatsapp voice messages

How to download Whatsapp voice messages

5 ways to save voice messages received or sent on Whatsapp or download them as audio files to keep

Voice notes are the preferred method of communication for many people (and the most hated by others), because they allow you to send long messages without the need to call or waste too much time writing. In some cases, voice messages may contain important information, data or instructions that you want to keep. Speaking of Whatsapp, it can be difficult to recover old voice messages, because there is no way to search for them except by scrolling through the various chats and then they may have been deleted over time becoming no longer available to listen.

There are anyway different ways to save the voice messages received or those sent on Whatsapp via Android smartphone or iPhone and here we see all the possibilities we have.

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1) Mark them as favorites

The easiest way to save a message on Whatsapp is to add it to your favorites. This can be done for both text messages and voice messages as well. To do this, just touch it, hold and then press the star button up. The messages marked with a star can be listened to by pressing the menu key from the main screen of the Whatsapp chat list, under the section Important messages.

2) Save voice messages in a dedicated chat

A more organized way to save important voicemails is to create a new chat with myself. You can then create a group with someone you trust, give them a recognizable title and then remove the other person so that you are alone in the group.

At this point, each important voice message can then be touched by holding down to bring up the button bar at the top and then forwarded (with the arrow button to the right) in our private chat that only we can read, thus creating a copy to the internal Whatsapp which can be easy to find.

3) Download the Whatsapp voice notes to your computer

If we can use a computer, we can actually download the sent and received voice notes. First of all, you need to open Whatsapp via the website as explained in the past to chat from your PC.

Once WhatsApp is loaded on the browser, locate the voice note you want to save, place the mouse cursor over the voice message and then click on the down arrow that appears above. Among the options, this time, you can find the Download button which is used on purpose to download the voice message as an audio file on the PC. The voice message is downloaded as an OGG file, which can be listened to and played by any program for listening to music such as VLC or Windows Media Player.

4) On Android, download voice messages from memory

With a Samsung, Xiaomi or any other smartphone with Android system it is also possible to download the voice messages received on Whatsapp by looking for the folder where they are saved by the application. To do this, we need a File Manager app like that of Xiaomi or XPlore File Manager.

Then open the file manager to see the phone files as you would the Windows folders and from the root folder, open Whatsapp then Media > Whatsapp Audio. Whatsapp voice messages are files with .opus and have, as their name, the date and time they were sent or received. The file manager should be able to listen to them directly without having to reopen them in Whatsapp. Then select the ones you want to download and then send them to your email box or save them in a cloud service such as Google Drive or Onedrive.

5) Send voice messages to another app

Whatsapp voice messages can also be saved by sharing them in another message app such as Signal or Telegram. The advantage is that Telegram never deletes files and makes them recoverable from its servers even after some time (which does not happen on Whatsapp).

Then select the voice message in Whatsapp, by touching and holding it, and then press the key with three dots to find the Share option. Sharing allows you to turn the audio file on Telegram, perhaps in a group chat where there is only us.

The sharing feature also works well to send the voicemail in Gmail or Google Drive or any other storage app.

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