Apparently, production problems with the Galaxy S21 FE are a thing of the past

This is what the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE looks like on renderings

We are still waiting for the premiere of the Galaxy S21 FE. If there was no official information about the debut, there is no such thing, and we have to be content with rumors. And these talk about the delays and production problems that Samsung is struggling with. However, it seems that they have been averted.

What is the situation with the Galaxy S21 FE?

In recent months, we hear quite a lot about this smartphone. It is not surprising, after all, after the success of the S20 FE, many people are waiting for a successor who will again combine flagship functions with a reasonable price. Meanwhile, instead of the release date, we get information about the problems. Earlier, there was talk of chip shortages, and more recently, production problems that will postpone the premiere to next year.

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The latest report, however, sheds new light on the matter. For we have learned that the problems have been solved. Mass production continues, and 10,000 units were produced this month. devices. This is quite a small number considering the previous FE’s great sales. Let’s hope that this is the end of problems with this model and we will see the premiere of the Galaxy S21 FE soon. Now the leaks point to the end of October, so Samsung still has time to produce a solid inventory of devices.