April 2020 offers for new subscribers

April 2020 offers for new subscribers

Our monthly appointment with the is back best offers proposed by Sky to new subscribers. In April there was a reduction in promotions, especially for Sky Q via Satellite, on which no discount is offered. On the other hand, the price cuts are interesting for users who intend to subscribe to Sky using optical fiber: in the month that is about to end, this is the most convenient option.
The subscribe to Sky Q via satellite to football and sports packageshowever, they will still be able to enjoy the Coronavirus discount recognized for a few weeks in light of the stop at the main sporting events.

Sky via Fibra

We start this month from Sky Q via Fibra, on which Sky offers the most advantageous offers. The basic bundle only includes Entertainment Plus, the offer that includes the channels of Sky TV, Sky Famiglia and Netflix. For the first twelve months, a monthly fee of € 19.90 will be paid instead of € 43.39, with initial costs zeroed and inclusive of delivery and activation. Pay TV also allows you to enjoy very interesting promotions on individual packages:

Cinema proposal it costs € 19.90 per month instead of € 44.20 for the first year and guarantees access to all Sky Cinema channels;

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Football proposal it is offered at 33 Euros instead of 43.20 Euros, always for the first year, and represents the option for all lovers of the football championship as it allows you to watch 7 out of 10 Serie A games in turn;

Sport proposal it costs 33 Euros instead of 43.20 Euros for the first 12 months but includes all sporting events, including NBA basketball, WWE wrestling, golf and the Champions and Europa League.

Available, as always, also gods combined packages: Proposal Cinema + Sport for example has a cost of 43 Euros per month (blocked for the first 12 months) instead of 59.40 Euros and Proposal Calcio + Sport is sold at 48 Euros instead of 58.40 Euros. For lovers of home entertainment, however, we recommend Entertainment Plus + Cinema at 29.90 Euros instead of 59.90 Euros.

In this case, viewing in 4K is obviously not guaranteed, only in HD, but the decoder still supports three simultaneous recordings on the 1 terabyte memory. The subscription is linked to the quality of your connection which must be able to manage everything.

Sky Q via satellite

As always, the most complete offer of Sky Q is represented by satellite, which allows you to access from a single decoder to all the best entertainment apps including Netflix, DAZN, YouTube, Spotify and Mediaset Play. Furthermore, unlike what happens on other platforms, choosing Sky Q via satellite will be possible enjoy the experience in 4K HDR for channels and events that support it. Sky also emphasizes the innovative Voice control which, as the name suggests, allows you to control the viewing of content using your own voice through the dedicated remote control.
The Sky Q decoder is also prepared for the new DVB-T2 HEVC transmission standard.
There are two offers available via satellite. Both are characterized by the presence of the Entertainment Plus package which includes the Netflix subscription in the pay TV subscription.

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The most important differences are represented by Sky Q Black and Sky Q Platinum subscriptions: Sky Q Black is priced at € 19.90 per month instead of € 43.39 for the first twelve months, and allows you to record a maximum of three programs simultaneously on the 1 terabyte decoder. There is also the Sky Go Plus service which, unlike the classic one, allows you to download programs to tablets, smartphones and PCs and guarantees viewing on 4 devices simultaneously.
Sky Q Platinum is the ultratop offer: for the bundle including Entertainment Plus only and the basic Sky TV package requires the payment of 39.90 Euros per month instead of 58.39 Euros for the first twelve months. In this case, the wireless multiscreen with Sky Q Mini, four simultaneous recordings and a hard disk on a 2 terabyte decoder is also guaranteed. Clearly the content of the subscription can be customized through the DIY section, but offers are not reported compared to the classic prices.

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Sky Q digital terrestrial

There are no major promotions for those wishing to join the family Sky using digital terrestrial. The entry offer only includes the Sky TV package and the Sky Go service and has a price of 14.90 Euros per month instead of 19.90 Euros for the first twelve months, with no activation fee.
It's possible also add the Sky Sport or Sky Calcio package for 10 Euros per month, while it is not possible to add Sky Cinema as it is not foreseen in the agreement signed with Mediaset.

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