Geil Polaris DDR5 now available for purchase. How much does the new memory standard cost?

The offer related to the next-generation DRAM memories has just hit the network. We are talking about Geil Polaris DDR5, which can already be ordered from the Newegg store.

The new standard of memory is now available for purchase. How much will you pay for 2 × 16 GB Geil Polaris DDR5?

Currently, buying DDR5 memory is somewhat pointless. The reason for this is not only inflated prices due to the fact that a novelty is at stake, but also because no consumer platform supports this standard. The first will be the Alder Lake-S family, the 12th generation Intel Core, which will debut in three weeks of processors, while we will wait a whole year for the same, but from AMD.

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However, nothing prevents you from ordering Geil’s DDR5 memory from Newegg for $ 350 as part of a 32GB (2x 16GB) kit. You can even choose one of the three color variants (black, white, red), but of course what interests us the most is the specification.

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However, while the Geil Polaris DDR5 looks like overclocked modules with their flashy looks, they are compliant with the JEDEC DDR5-4800 specification. This means that they work at a voltage of 1.1 V, and their CAS latency reaches 40 units.

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