Are you afraid of spying at home? Don’t even look at the Astro robot from Amazon

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Amazon closed its last conference with the disclosure of Astro, a $ 1,000 robot that will know everything about your apartment. Not without reason – it was created to ensure the safety of both yours and your belongings in the comfort of your home.

The main task of the Astro robot from Amazon is to patrol your home

The Amazon company clearly has a thirst for conquering the world of security systems in our immediate environment. The cornerstone of this is the Ring ecosystem, which has provided Amazon with thousands of U.S. police agreements since 2018 to provide authorities with access to footage from cameras embedded in these smart doorbells. For the record, Amazon also offers the Ring Always Home Cam for indoor use.

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The revealed robot Astro has direct access to them, acting as an automatic patrolling system for the apartment in which it will be located. Of course, in the name of safety. This “tablet on wheels”, approximately the size of a small dog, has its own cameras and equipment, thanks to which it is able to record suspicious incidents and then send appropriate notifications to smartphones.

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Amazon Astro is also equipped with a special extendable robotic arm, which, however, does not sound as threatening as the fact that it can record every inch of the house without user intervention.