Audi presented the prototype of the PB18 e-tron car with three electric motors

Audi presented the prototype of the PB18 e-tron car with three electric motors

The PB18 e-tron is an electric concept car from Audi that stands out more than we might imagine. For example, as a few of the announced copies, it is to completely abandon the autonomous driving mode. Hence the working name “Project Zero”.

For starters, maybe some physical aspects. The PB18 e-tron, thanks to the combination of carbon fiber and aluminum, could weigh no more than about 1,500 kg at 453 centimeters long, 200 cm wide and 1.15 cm high with the center of gravity right behind the driver’s seat. Contact with the ground will take place via 275/35 tires at the front and 315/30 at the rear. However, these are only dry facts, which most of us do not pay attention to anyway. This is because especially the engines that Audi wants to pack into the PB18 e-tron as many as three! Of course, electric, where two of them (with a total power of 350 kW) will go to the rear axle, and one (150 kW) – to the front axle. These are to be powered by a 95-kWh battery that can be recharged in 15 minutes and then set off on a 500 km journey.

Such a trio of engines is to provide about 680 horsepower, which in turbo mode will increase to 775 horsepower. Combined with 800 Nm of torque and reaching 100 km / h in more than two seconds, it doesn’t seem like a joke. Just like one seat in the center with a simple dashboard equipped with a large OLED screen with key buttons and information, complemented by a camera view of the ground. Don’t worry – if necessary, the owner will be able to move the whole thing to the traditional (left) side and install a second passenger seat. The whole thing is closed with laser headlights, a 470-liter trunk, connecting mechanisms with cables and 19-inch brake discs.

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When will such a PB18 e-tron hit the roads? Unfortunately, probably never, because it will most likely be a show of possibilities by Audi, on which other cars will be modeled. Maybe the company will surprise us?

Source: Newatlas
Photos: Audi