Bemi smartwatches enter Poland. These are watches made for children

Bemi smartwatches, watches dedicated to younger users, have just entered the Polish market. So let’s check what they offer and at what prices you can buy them.

The premiere of Bemi children’s smartwatches

Smart watches are devices that have won the hearts of customers in recent years. Thanks to innovative functions or the ability to monitor our body, they are still gaining popularity. However, they are used not only by adults, but also by children. When looking for a suitable watch for children, it is worth taking an interest in the Bemi brand, whose devices are now available in Poland.

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In stores such as or, three models are already available – Sport, Fun and Kid. The first two are equipped with a 4G module, and the Kid variant – in 2D. You can make phone calls and even video calls from the level of the watch. Parents can use them to track the location of the child and even designate a zone of free movement for their child. If they leave this area, the parent gets a notification on their smartphone.

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It is worth mentioning that Bemi Sport and Fun also offer heart rate and sleep monitoring functions, which can help the youngest take care of a healthy lifestyle. These models are equipped with a Spreadtrum 8521E processor, 4 GB of internal memory, 512 MB RAM, a 700 mAh battery, WiFI, LTE / 4G and GPS, AGPS and LBS modules, as well as cameras. The Fun variant also offers an mp3 player, voice recorder and even a flashlight, and Sport – a SIM connector.

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Bemi Kid is a more basic model with a 2G module that enables voice calls. It is powered by the RDA8955 processor, and the battery has a capacity of 400 mAh. There is no shortage of an alarm clock or GPRS here.

How much do Bemi smartwatches cost?

You have to pay the most for the Sport model, PLN 498, for Bemi Fun – PLN 299, and for the Kid watch – PLN 248.

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