Red Bull Racing electric scooters enter Poland

Red Bull Racing electric scooters enter Poland

Electric scooters are no longer a rare sight in our country. Many people have a copy at home, and others use the option to borrow it. However, if you are considering buying your own electric scooter, take a look at the Red Bull Racing models that have just debuted in our country.

The 4cv company, a distributor of consumer electronics, introduces Red Bull Racing electric scooters to the Polish market, with a blue and red design referring to the famous F1 team

As these new models go into detail, their names correspond to the size of the wheels. So they are:

  • Red Bull Racing 8.5 with 8.5 inch wheels
  • Red Bull Racing 10 with 10 inch wheels.
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They are equipped with tubeless tires made in the “honeycomb” technology (their surface resembles a honeycomb), which increases their durability, resistance to damage and shock absorption. They are made of a combination of natural rubber and polymer material, which ensures flexibility and durability, as well as has an effect on the “memory” of the tire shape with changes in pressure and temperature. They are also protected against UV radiation.

Both models are equipped with a 350 W motor, but the battery capacity, charging time and range per charge vary depending on the model. Red Bull Racing 8.5 is equipped with a 7500 mAh lithium battery, which we can fully charge in 5 hours to be able to cover a maximum of 20 km on a single charge. In the case of the model with 10-inch wheels, it already has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which translates into a range of 30 km and a charging time of 7-8 hours.

To increase safety, a speed limit of the Red Bull Racing scooters has been installed to the maximum allowed in urban space, i.e. up to 20 km / h. A double brake has also been added – electric and disc. There was also front and rear lighting, a sound signal or a display that allows you to check the battery charge level on an ongoing basis, as well as monitor the distance traveled and speed.

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Red Bull Racing scooters meet the IP67 standard, which means full dustproofness and resistance to short-term immersion in water. This allows them to be used in typically urban conditions, where dust and sand cannot be avoided, as well as in unfavorable rainy (or even torrential) weather.

To facilitate transport – they can be folded, although both models weigh a little. In the case of Red Bull Racing 8.5 it is approx. 14 kg, while Red Bull Racing 10 weighs 16 kg. The maximum permissible user weight is 120 kg.

How much are Electric Scooters Red Bull Racing?

Red Bull Racing electric scooters in blue and red are now available in Polish stores:

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