Blitzwolf BW-BS0 Pro, our proof of a versatile low cost tripod

Blitzwolf BW-BS0 Pro, our proof of a versatile low cost tripod

Whether for work or for pleasure, photography enthusiasts are constantly looking for a good tripod. The keywords in this case are: comfort, solidity, portability and, why not, cheapness. Finding the right balance between all these variables can be quite difficult, but the well-known Chinese company Blitzwolf wants to try it with the new BW-BS0 Pro tripod, sold at a price of 32.99 euros on Amazon Italy.
We are therefore not talking about a particularly expensive product: the company will have succeeded in making it a tripod that can provide a satisfying experience?

The starting point for making fantastic shots

The tripod is a very important tool: think that astrophotographers use only the latter and a digital SLR with wide-angle photographic lenses to shoot the subjects of their fantastic shots, as explained to us by an expert in this interview. Comfort is therefore the main aspect on which to base the analysis of a similar product. Well, the Blitzwolf BW-BS0 Pro tripod proved to be particularly simple to use. It may seem like an insignificant aspect, but being able to configure / dismantle everything properly in a few seconds is very important, especially if the subject to be captured is in constant motion. The tripod has three legs that can be "stretched" through two "tears" and a knob located in the central part which allows the upper part to "come out" up to a maximum height of 150 centimeters (the minimum one is 52 centimeters).
At the base there are feet with non-slip padding that keep the tripod firmly in place, while in the center there is a ring that allows the legs not to slip. There are also knobs located in the central and upper part of the tripod: the latter allow you to fix the "central column" and the part where the camera rests. In short, everything is normal and the tripod can be stretched and stored in seconds.

The only flaw is in the absence of a knob that allows you to quickly attach the camera to its support. In fact, to fix the reflex, you have to remove the special support from the tripod and turn the screw manually. This can be done even without the use of a screwdriver, but you still waste some time.
The camera can be moved 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically thanks to the removable 1/4 "plate, so we are at a good level in terms of angle possibilities. We have seen other more comfortable solutions from this point of view , but the Blitzwolf BW-BS0 Pro tripod is still much faster to use than the average of the products of this type due to the characteristics described above.

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As for the construction, the main material used is aluminum and we can assure you that the structure is very solid and stable. In addition to this, the weight of only 0.94 kilograms allows good portability, thanks also to the convenient transport bags included in the sales package. The weight it can carry is 3 kilograms, so the tripod is well suited to the use of mirrorless and entry-level SLR cameras as well as smartphones.

Inside the sales package there is also the classic smartphone holder with spring extension (therefore suitable for all sizes), the multilingual manual and the Bluetooth 3.0 remote control which allows you to take photos with a single press from up to 10 meters away from the tripod.
The estimated life of the 3V circular lithium battery is around 100,000 shots, so there is no problem from this point of view. The remote control also has a special cord that allows you to carry it more easily. We have paired the remote control via Bluetooth with several smartphones, both Android and iOS, and everything worked properly without even having to go through third-party applications.

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