Each of us can buy a swarm of Golden Eagle drones from Teal Drones

Each of us can buy a swarm of Golden Eagle drones from Teal Drones

The Puerto Rico-based Teal Drones company aims to make the USA independent from China in terms of drones, and for this purpose has created a 4-Ship system, including up to six Golden Eagle drones.

Teal Drones announced 4-Ship, the Golden Eagle drone swarm

Teal believes that intelligently coordinated swarms can get work done faster and more efficiently in many cases. Hence the development of the 4-Ship system, which gives operators a ready swarm of up to six drones. These can work on a given task together, although they will be piloted only by one operator.

The system provides for a maximum of six Golden Eagle drones, but two of them remain in reserve during the operation. A special 4-Ship controller is able to display four video streams simultaneously, providing a 360-degree view if necessary, and its operation is apparently simple and intuitive.

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In practice, 4-Ship is to provide the ability to observe the environment for the military, government and public safety organizations to provide a 360-degree defensive view of friendly positions. For continuous surveillance / reconnaissance missions, a single drone can be set up to track a target or location, and the 4-Ship system will automatically swap drones as the battery level drops.