Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is suing domain provider GoDaddy

The company’s domain license behind the popular .eth acronym, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), expired on September 5. The license could not previously be renewed in the regular way, which is why the domain has now been resold. Much to the annoyance of ENS, which filed a lawsuit against domain provider GoDaddy on Monday.

Lawsuit against GoDaddy

The non-profit organization behind the ENS, True Names Ltd. and the actual owner of the domain, Virgil Griffith, who is still in prison, have filed a lawsuit against GoDaddy in the state of Arizona. True Names is seeking $75,000 in damages.

GoDaddy is said to have violated an agreement to “respect, recognize and protect” the domain. Because originally they declared that they wanted to transfer the name back to a public register, where the ENS would have had the opportunity to acquire the address again. However, the domain provider allegedly passed on to another register before the deadline, namely on September 3rd. From there it was then sold.

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“The sale will debilitate a valuable crypto network and ensure that it is carelessly placed in the hands of malicious actors,” True Names Ltd’s lawsuit said. The domain is therefore “unlawfully owned by Manifold Finance Inc.”

Because the domain name has now succeeded in an auction for the DeFi company Manifold Finance. That confirmed the Twitter Channel the company. According to Domain Name Wire, Manifold Finance paid just under $852,000 for it. Manifold confirmed in the same tweet that it would restore the services of the address once ownership was resolved.

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