In Norway, skeptical about the introduction of the “ceiling” of gas prices

MOSCOW, 12 Sep — PRIME. Norway has agreed to engage in close dialogue with the European Union over the gas problem, but is skeptical of a gas price ceiling as it will not solve the problem, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stere said in a telephone conversation with European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen, according to the Norwegian Cabinet.

Mitsotakis: “ceiling” of prices should be set not only for gas from Russia

Stehre and Leyen had a new phone conversation on Monday about the energy crisis affecting Europe, the cabinet said. The European Commission presented on Wednesday last week proposals for measures to overcome the difficult energy situation in Europe.

“We agree to engage in even closer dialogue with the EU on various proposals. We enter into negotiations openly, but we are skeptical about the maximum price for gas. The maximum price will not solve anything with a fundamental problem, namely that there is too little gas in Europe “, – the words of the Prime Minister of Norway are quoted in the message.

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It is noted that Stere stressed the importance of close dialogue with partners and allies in Europe on various solutions to overcome a difficult situation. According to the Prime Minister, Norway now supplies Europe with 8% more gas than before February this year.

At an extraordinary meeting on Friday, EU energy ministers discussed additional measures that could be taken in the EU due to high energy prices, including the possibility of imposing a price cap on Russian gas. However, this proposal did not receive wide support from EU energy ministers, Western media reported, citing diplomats.

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