iPhone 14 Pro with a hole instead of a note? This is what it might look like

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It has been said for a long time that Apple intends to abandon the notch in models from the iPhone 14 series. Many people will certainly be happy about it, and the new leak shows what it can look like.

Vietnamese leakster posted on Twitter a photo that allegedly depicts the display on the iPhone 14 Pro. This is exactly in line with previous reports, according to which Apple will give up the notch in the Pro model. They would replace it with holes that have long reigned in Android smartphones. The photo shows the back of the display panel showing one round and one oval hole. Finally, of course, only the larger, longitudinal hole should be visible.

The abandonment of the notch by Apple is not only related to an aesthetic issue, because it requires devising a solution that will allow you to include the Face ID system, which will still be present in the iPhone 14 Pro model. In such a solution, as seen below, the system is to be divided into two parts, one of which will be under the OLED screen layer.

Will the iPhone 14 Pro actually look like this without a note? We don’t know. For now, we are only relying on reports, because officially Apple has not mentioned anything about it.