It takes weeks to resolve Intel processor availability issues

The fact that little is said about the low supply of blue CPUs does not mean that the related problems have been solved. Today, the CEO of Asustek Computer announced that the solution to problems with the availability of Intel processors is a matter of weeks.

These may not be as noticeable as last month, but they still apply to many hands that have not dropped to the appropriate level. As it turns out, the reason for the insufficient production of 14 nm processors was the premiere of the 9th generation Intel Core, which forced Intel to reduce the production of earlier models, because the newer ones also used the same solution. It was visible, among others after the Core i7-8700K, whose initial price ($ 359) soared to $ 400 in just a few days. Worst of all, many processors are still not widely available in stores at the expected price, which is expected to last until Q2 2019.

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At least, this is what Jerry Shen claims, whose statement can be summed up to indicate the general crisis of CPU supplies, escalation of the trade dispute between the US and China and growing competition in the notebook segment. The low segment is most at risk, because Intel is focusing on the production of Xeon and Intel Core systems for a reason. Even ASUS felt the problems of this company, whose low sales of laptops (not produced in large amounts without a shortage of CPU) translated into a low financial result in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Source: TechPowerUp