Kailh BOX pushbutton mechanical keyboard

Sharkoon announced the launch of a new mechanical keyboard for gamers, the DIFFERENT SGK60, which stands out for making use of the new switches Kailh BOX, which are designed for gaming with a linear design and fast activation, since they require 45 grams of force and 1.8mm of travel for activation, all with a durability of nothing less than 80 million keystrokes before presenting any kind of problem, making it a notable improvement.

Those are the Kailh BOX Red, having the White and Brown adapted for other needs. All of them have an individual RGB LED lighting system, it allows saving macros of up to 390 actions, up to 20 profiles can be stored, a pack of 14 additional highly resistant PBT keys is included, we have 3 dedicated multimedia keys, it uses a USB port -C, and as a negative point, a wrist rest is not included.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK60 goes on sale at a recommended price of 89,90 euros.

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Sharkoon SKILLER SGK60 - Kailh BOX Red

“At a substantial 450mm length, the SGK60 also impresses with its attractive size. With a 165mm width, a placid 38mm height, as well as a comprehensive three-block design, prolific writers and gamers will find here what they were looking for, while the easy use of the keyboard will prove to be an essential and vital aspect here. In this way, you will not only satisfy the desires of gamers who value excellent keyboard performance, but also will appeal to those who value simplicity and freedom of movement. “