The best NFT-based games to play in 2022

The best NFT-based games to play in 2022

More play-to-earn (P2E) games have come out this year and the roster of great blockchain games to play just keeps expanding. However, a game is as great as the size of its community, giving older games the advantage when it comes to which one is more exciting to join in. Here are five great P2E games to play in 2022 and what to expect in blockchain gaming’s the future:

Axie Infinity

What better way to start a list of NFT game recommendations than with one of the most profitable in the market? Axie Infinity is a P2E game where you raise and breed monsters known as Axies for profit. You can train them and use them for battle using traits unique to each creature’s pedigree. Breed and raise the most powerful Axie then sell them for profit.

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NFT Paradise Trippies

While most P2E games are puzzles or farming games, Paradise Trippies is an online casino game that you can play using crypto as payment for the ante. What makes it stand out from other Bitcoin casino games is how it can reward you with an NFT from the Paradise Trippies collection. You can find these prizes at OpenSea to buy them directly or win them and sell them at a higher price. 

Gods Unchained

What makes P2E unique from other digital games is its ability to mint unique copies of assets. This is the best property that makes trading card games possible to emulate tabletop card game culture. Gods Unchained is one such game where you collect cards and build decks to use in a competitive format against other players. Can’t find the cards you need from randomised booster packs? Then trade with other players on the game’s system or third-party marketplaces to find the piece that will complete your win condition.

The Sandbox

Gaming can be more than high scores and combat with The Sandbox, a blockchain-based game for creators. Instead of beating bad guys, you can build assets in the world and share them with other players. You can cultivate a land you own, create cosmetic items anyone can wear, or craft tools someone else in the game can use. Everything you make and build can be sold or rented with other players aiming to settle in the ever-expanding Sandbox metaverse.

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Do you love Fantasy Football? Sorare is exactly the type of platform where you can make it even more intuitive and profitable. Build your football club to play various leagues using NFT cards representing each active player in the current season. Want to replace one of your lineups? You may trade with other players as if you’re drafting professional football athletes like real club managers.

The future of NFT game development

The current state of blockchain-based gaming is exciting because of the number of developers. Some will be P2E games interacting with the Ethereum network while others will be Bitcoin casino games. Needless to say, blockchain gaming is in good shape and it’s just getting better as time goes on.

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