Microsoft patents a multi-camera system for a foldable device

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Do you remember the Andromeda project from Microsoft? It is a foldable smartphone from this company, which was the subject of a lot of leaks and rumors. The company’s latest patent gives us an idea of ​​what we can get.

This time his focus is on the camera system. The patent shows a mechanism in which the apparatus is equally divided into two parts. After folding the phone, you can get some functions such as better focusing. There may also be an option to change the focus or a lot of others that we are not aware of. We have not seen anything like this before and I must admit that it promises to be very interesting.

It is still unknown when and whether the structure will appear on the market at all. However, I hope that Microsoft will finish the project soon and we will be able to see what this device will really be.

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Source: Neowin