Here is a device that allows you to see the world from a dolphin’s perspective

Here is a device that allows you to see the world from a dolphin's perspective

Built at home, the device uses Lidar technology. Thanks to it, the user can experience how the dolphin sees its surroundings.

Lidar, unlike conventional radar, uses light instead of microwaves to get an image. The technology has a wide range of applications, incl. in meteorology, measurements made in hard-to-reach areas, and recently – also in the construction of autonomous cars. So the Adrew Thaler project is not the most needed of mankind, but it is certainly worth paying a little attention to.

The scientist used headphones that use the so-called bone conduction. The sound is not transmitted directly to the ear, as in classic headphones, but reaches the bones of the skull in the form of vibrations. The brain interprets it correctly, although the first impression is quite unusual – we hear the sound, although we do not feel that it is passing through our ears. In this case, the apparatus is connected near the jaw – in the same part of the body there is a natural “receiver” in the dolphins. The result is a very approximate way in which marine mammals orient themselves in the world around them.

What’s more, the technology works so well that headphone users are beginning to distinguish the characteristic “clicking” emitted by dolphins. With a little practice, they were even able to find among the few doors the one that was open. With my eyes closed, of course. When asked about the practical application of the device, Thaler noted that similar projects are in the testing phase, but unfortunately their range is quite limited.

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