New NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers. What does the update bring?

New NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers.  What does the update bring?

Both GeForce desktop and mobile graphics card owners can now download the new NVIDIA Game Ready 512.95 WHQL drivers to improve stability in the face of certain bugs and optimize several games. Including the new Polish production – Sniper Elite V.

NVIDIA Game Ready 512.95 drivers now available

The latest drivers focus primarily on upcoming games, because Sniper Elite 5 and My Time at Sandrock, which on their debut (May 26) will be 100% supported on devices equipped with GeForce graphics cards that are still supported. In turn, Hitman 3, thanks to these drivers and the upcoming “Year 2” update, will be able to use NVIDIA RTX technology, i.e. DLSS and Ray-Tracing in real time.

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In addition, the drivers solve the problem in Grid 2019 and Adobe Premiere Pro and make us aware of others that NVIDIA software engineers are struggling with. I am talking about problems with HDR, Image Scaling, DSR / DSDSR technologies, Oculus Rift S and Primax 8Kx detection on the RTX 3090 Ti or the problem with HDMI 2.1 sound in combination with Dolby Atmos.

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