new portable SSD with fingerprint reader

new portable SSD with fingerprint reader

The Samsung T7 is a Portable SSD of very small size. Nails on dimensions 85 (L) x 57 (W) x 8 (Gr) mm, and a weight of the unit of only 58 grams. It is clear that Samsung has developed the unit to make it very easy to transport it between different locations. Since we can carry it in a pocket of our own pants. Or that of a backpack. Even of our jacket, if we have to leave our house or office with the documents.

How Interface For data transmission, the Samsung T7 uses a USB C connector. This will give us maximum simplicity when connecting it to our USB cable. But, in order to enjoy the maximum file transfer rate that Samsung's portable SSD is capable of, it will be necessary to connect it to a USB 3.2 Gen 2 port. Only then, the internal SSD that has this new Samsung T7 will be able to reach 1050 MB / s of which it is capable of reading operations. Or the 1000 MB / s you can achieve for write operations.

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The use of the fingerprint reader in this Samsung portable SSD provides extra security

Probably the feature that can attract future buyers to the new Samsung T7 is the inclusion of afingerprint ector in the body of the portable SSD. This reader provides an extra layer of security to its users. That joins the password protection of the contents. As well as to 256 bit AES encryption, which is done at the hardware level, so that it is impossible to extract data from inside, without the prior consent of the owner of these.

The outer shell which encompasses NAND Flash memory cells, it is made of anodized aluminum in two colors: black and silver. This case is capable of withstanding impacts that could damage any other storage unit. And, of course, there is the fact that, since it is solid storage, instead of mechanical, Samsung's portable SSD will not be so prone to failures due to sudden handling of the unit.

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The Samsung T7 will hit the market in two editions: the Touch edition, which will come with the fingerprint reader that we have already mentioned, and the normal edition, which will lack that fingerprint reader. The Touch edition will reach the market during this month of January 2020, while the normal edition will arrive during the second quarter of this year 2020.

The prices and launch capabilities of the Touch version are as follows:

  • 500 GB: $ 129.99
  • 1 TB: $ 229.99
  • 2 TB: $ 399.99

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